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The Environmental Potential in Hemp

A recent study from Italy that was published in Springer Nature suggests it’s possible, but impatience during growing and poor controls during the green transition could cause more harm than good when it comes to greenhouse gases.

The Potential for Hemp is Out of this World

Known as an award-winning pioneer responsible for the innovative and sustainable commercialization of cannabis, Will Kleidon founded Ojai Energetics back in 2014. Since that time, this futurist of cannabis technology has successfully cracked the code of CBD, leading to the development of a robust IP catalog including the antidote to THC intoxication, generating supercapacitors from hemp, and 30-second acting edibles.

Nanotechnology: High-Tech Cannabis Consumables

Like peanut butter and jelly, the advanced science of nanotechnology and the emerging science of cannabinoid therapy were simply meant to be together. As science uncovers the molecular-level marvels of cannabis, technology is providing the means to make the most efficient use of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical capabilities of the plant. CannabisTech spoke with CBD Living COO, Sean McDonald about how they use nanotechnology to provide a better consumer experience.