Who Is OHBD?

One of the biggest issues for growers of Hemp is the perception of what’s being grown at the site by the local community

There is little difference when looking at a Hemp plant, between Hemp and Marijuana and while they are both an integral part of the Cannabis group of plants, people immediately assume that if smoked they will get an euphoric affect. This is far from the truth. The experience of growers around the world is one of locals and those who come for a visit to the area make raids on the plantations, tear plants from the ground, damage fencing and irrigation systems, all in vain. Apart from a sore throat there is no affect, psychotic or not on a human from Hemp. Some growers have gone to the extent of going on Television and running adds in the papers to explain what is actually being grown. The news eventually gets out and the raids subside. When growing Hemp traditionally, growers are restricted by the season and the climate of their site.

The site is located in the central west in NSW and Oceania Hemp Bio Diesel Pty Ltd owns the property. The property is 700 acres of farmland the growing of our hemp strain is not visible from any of the perimeters of the property so while the rumour mill will always be active OHBD will be able to provide factual data to the community so the raids that are so problematic for normal farmers of this crop will not be a concern for OHBD.

OHBD is in the planning stage of building a Bio diesel refinery on the site to utilise the hemp that will be grown.

A Secure site in NSW

The site is owned by OHBD

The right connections to the Australian Government

The growing License – issued by the Australian Government for National and International Growing capability